An image of a Electro Magnetic Field surrounding the human body using iMRSIt has been a revelation to learn that like Air, Water, The Sun and Gravity, proper exposure the to Earth's PEMF is an elemental biological ingredient for life to thrive. The world's scientific community, including NASA and the Russian Space Program, has long established the important impact that exposure to Earth's naturally occurring PEMF has on our health and wellness. Most of us are unaware that the early astronauts returned to Earth very ill from being deprived of exposure to earth's Natural Energy Field. As a result, all space suits and space capsules have since been equipped with PEMF devices similar to the iMRS Device, now supply this vital health enhancing energy in biologically friendly frequencies/intensities emulating nature.

We are too deprived of direct physical contact with the earth.

We are deprived of our natural connection with the Earth because of our surroundings, we are surrounded by concrete, electrical devices such as iPAD's, smart phones etc. & even our feet are prevented by the shoes we walk around in. This is commonly known as Electro-Smog. The iMRS is currently the most advanced system to get us back in contact with the Earth's Natural Energy Field. It has become more apparent that the use of this technology can help by exposing ourselves to PEMF. Many Physical and Emotional Ailments can be prevented by giving ourselves access to the iMRS to benefit our lives and our thoughts. Also it should be noted that good quality PEMF therapy devices have been approved the the FDA.


Both MediConsult and Stress Solutions understand and utilise PEMF therapy in a positive way to allow access for people who need this form of therapy and energy.


The iMRS Whole Body Mat Applicator uses pre-programmed frequencies that vary based on the time of day the device is used. The basis for this time variance of frequency is naturally observed circadian rhythms. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (and other ancient healing traditions in Asia) vital energy flows through the twelve organs and completes one cycle every twenty-four hours. The Chinese Organ Clock shows the circadian flow of the vital energy (Qi – pronounced "Chi") through various organ systems in relation to the time of day. Each organ has maximum energy for two hours. The organ has minimum energy (or lowest flow of Qi) 12 hours later.


From the above chart it can be seen that the maximum energy flow through the liver is at 2 am. Therefore, the liver's lowest corresponding energy flow is at 2 pm. The iMRS delivers packets of energy that are believed to balance cellular resonance for all the organs and body systems simultaneously by varying frequencies through 4 pre-programmed intervals:


5am-10am   >>>   10am-3pm   >>>   3pm-8pm   >>>   8pm-5am


An image of earths Magentic Resonance SystemThe frequency bands delivered by the Whole Body Mat Applicator of the iMRS utilise the unique sawtooth signal shape and are composites of a large number of electromagnetic frequencies in the extremely low frequency (ELF) range. Magnetic resonance stimulation of every cell within the field is continued for 8, 16 or 24 minutes, depending on the application time setting used. Every 2 minutes during this signalling the polarity is reversed to prevent cellular fatigue or accommodation to the signal. The intention of this is to maximise cellular energy and wellness benefit. The Local Pad and Probe Applicators are capable of higher field intensities and are versatile in how they are applied externally to the body. There is no need for a Chinese Organ Clock for these applicators. A square waveform is used. Once the Pad or Probe applicator is selected, programs that deliver pulsating electromagnetic waves through the Whole Body Mat switch off automatically.

There are pages and pages of research studies published by which is the US Government department of medical research. And they gave this electromagnetic treatment the thumbs up for pain relief because it works on the body at a cellular level. In other words, when you go for electromagnetic therapy for pain at a local clinic or get an electromagnetic therapy machine for use at home, it relieves not only the symptoms of the pain but it goes straight to the source of the problem – lack of energy in the body’s cells. The cells could be lacking energy for any number of reasons. It could be a bad diet, lack of exercise, or depletion from fighting an illness. In any case lack of energy prevents cells from performing the basic functions necessary to keep you alive and well – take in clean nutrients and eliminate dangerous toxins. When your cells can do this your body can function the way it’s meant to! And that’s why people using electromagnetic treatments not only report dramatic pain relief but also feel more energy, elevated mood and better sleep at night among other seemingly miraculous results.


What is the Difference Between PEMF Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy vs. Magnetic Therapy?


iMRS and PEMF can help Pain become a distant memoryThe human body is essentially electromagnetic in nature. So the effects of magnetic therapy, while on the right track, can be hit or miss because they are not addressing the electrical nature of the body. And magnetic therapy does not use the power of electricity to bolster the effectiveness of magnetic fields! The ‘pulse’ in the name electromagnetic pulse therapy describes the healing action of PEMF devices. Electricity is pulsed through the PEMF device strongly enough to create an instantaneous magnetic field around the body. When the pulse is over the magnetic field goes with it. It’s done this way because clinical testing shows that the body prefers to take in energy in pulses. So the best electromagnetic therapy products pulse electricity 30 times per second to maximize the effects of the created magnetic field! Whereas magnetic therapy by itself does not use pulses. And so it’s effectiveness for pain relief is not nearly as remarkable as found in electromagnetic pulse therapy.