"The MRS2000 is the older technology from the iMRS, the iMRS still uses the same PEMF for cellular health but the features on the newer iMRS have been improved"

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An FDA-Approved Cancer Treatment




Matthew Demonstrates his own techniques on The Manchester Channel. In his practice in the centre of Manchester he utilises the iMRS Bed within his own work for a complete treatment for people from all walks of life.


According to Liboff, the therapeutic value of a given pulsed signal is highly dependent on how rapidly the rise time and fall time happen. (Rosch 2004) This signal characteristic cannot be under emphasised, and is perhaps the most important thing to note in our discussion about the 4 key parameters of an electromagnetic signal. The abrupt fall time represents a high peak voltage value that is responsible for ion displacement in the body. Greater ion displacement exerts a stronger biological effect. Note that, within the low-to-mid frequency ranges of therapeutic application, the signal shape may be as important, if not more important, than the intensity or field strength of the electromagnetic pulsation being used. In the same treatise just cited, Liboff stated: “It is important to remember that there is no such thing as a little or a lot of Magnetic Field.” While this author may disagree with this statement, particularly at higher ranges of field intensity, the point is this:-


The shape of the electromagnetic signal is something to which very close attention needs to be paid.


Both the sawtooth signal shape and the square waveform have rise and fall times that are far more abrupt than a simple sine waveform. Again, the more abrupt the rise and fall time, the greater the biological effect. Clinicians and health technicians using this form of Energy Medicine must have a proper understanding of the relationship between signal shape and bio electro magnetic interaction so they can knowledgeably evaluate signals emitted by various devices.


Signal shape, Frequency and Amplitudes are all important variables in the use of Electromagnetic Impulses for Health Benefit.


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IMRS Device Review

Dr. OZ Reviews PEMF for everyonePulsed Electro Magnetic Field Devices (PEMF) are being used in a variety of applications throughout the world. The iMRS has to be the most popular among such devices, and we will discuss its various features in this review.


The iMRS is a full body device with frequencies and intensities that comply with Earth's electromagnetic field. It uses the latest technology to generate the square wave. The square wave is a wave of energy that facilitates and enhances the body's ability to repair damaged tissue. The square wave has been tested by NASA and it has been proven that it can help regenerate and repair damaged cells that are highly resistant to healing.


The best feature of the iMRS device is that it has been in the market for years and no side effects have been reported. The manufacturers are so confident in their product that they claim just about anyone ranging from pregnant women to people with pacemakers can use it.

The device seems to be ideal for two types of people:

1. Those who have a physically exhausting daily routine and damage a lot of their tissue.

2. Those who are in need of extensive healing and tissue repair due to any reason.

The damaged tissues cause a lot of pain, and their accelerated healing can help you get rid of that pain quickly. If you have joint pain caused by stressed out muscles, the device will provide relief for it as well. Using the device is easy, you simply lay down on the mat and plug it in. It generates the square wave and while you sit back and relax, your body repairs itself and your cells are rejuvenated. If you are on some kind of medication, are using supplements, have metal implants or artificial joints, or are on a special diet, you can still use the iMRS device. If you suffer from constant pain and are in need of pain relief, the iMRS device can help you heal. With no side effects, the device is worth a try.