Our completely new business concept, "MediConsult Lifestyle" reflects a combination of the world known "German Efficiency" and all the great experiences, ideas and concerns which we were able to collect during our North American market presence. Featuring an unparalleled compensation plan with a strong focus on promoting a long lasting, profitable and up-scalable business opportunity is our recipe. It is our primary goal to provide a reliable, responsible and effective new system, which will lead to an exceptional growth for every single representative in a short period of time. We will surpassingly reward your efforts in expanding your network of Lifestyle Consultants as well as ease the way people can learn about our products and our business opportunity. With our brand new web platform we are able now to offer online enrolment, access to our online certification (mandatory for Certified Life-Style Consultants CLSC), public lectures, testimonials and periodical broadcasts to educate you in regards to our products/activities and to create and support upcoming leaders within the MediConsult Lifestyle opportunity.

Dealing with health and high technology is still a very personal business that requires one on one meetings. However, the web becomes more effective in creating momentum and is therefore  effectively implemented in our globally active company. MediConsult Lifestyle offers a second to none business opportunity for active network marketing people as well as for people, who do not only want to help others but also build a strong foundation to create a life without further money concerns. Every business requires efforts, so does ours, but with our recent product range and the innovations we will introduce in the near future, right now there is no better opportunity than "MediConsult Lifestyle".


Various Images of People in Training with iMRS and learning about PEMF technology

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